“Scott, I received payment--on behalf of my wife we both thank you dearly for your work and service.  I had never retained an attorney before this accident so I never had any experience in health/PT and financial matters that are so important when one has to deal with an insurance company.  From the beginning, you made sure I regained my health and had my best interest all along.  I found you to be unbelievably thorough with a keen attention to detail, and a very good negotiator.   I will certainly keep your contact information on file and I would highly recommend you should someone I know need an attorney."
- W. Height
"I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your professional support and your personal kindness over the last year of what started out as a very painful experience. I was in such shock due to the suddenness of my accident but you gave me a very clear idea of what the legal process would entail and made it incredibly easy to get through all along the way. I always felt that you were giving me the very best advice and were being honest in your assessment as we went along. You made sure I was thoroughly prepared to go to trial and gave me confidence. I feel very lucky to have had you act as my lawyer and appreciate everything you did. I would thoroughly recommend you to others in need in the future."
-L. Sable
"From the moments of our first consultation through the process of litigation, negotiation and ultimate settlement, I felt fully confident in Scott’s ability to represent me with integrity.  This was very important to me, I wanted to be represented by a lawyer I could be sure would not only act in my best interests, but work for me in a way which was congruent to my ethics.  Scott was that person.  He took care to be compassionate as well as professional.  I am forever grateful for his being there for me when I needed counsel."
-G. Benkert 
"In 2007, I was hit by a truck while doing a training ride on my bicycle. I suffered life-altering injuries and spent twelve days in a hospital after being air-lifted from the scene. Dealing with the pain and uncertainty was challenging enough without adding legal concerns to the mix. Thanks to a friend’s reference, I was put into contact with Scott Charnas. He stepped in immediately and knew exactly what procedures to follow in order to ensure a favorable outcome for my case. Mr. Charnas always kept the lines of communication open, which reassured me since I knew and understood what was going on with my case. He was supportive and professional, but most importantly, he was trustworthy. In such a difficult situation, having a lawyer with all these qualities was invaluable. "
-D. Panchyk

Client Testimonials